The Hellman Authors

Hellman Authors

Contact Dorothie and Martin Hellman, authors of “A New Map for Relationships – Creating True Love at Home & Peace on the Planet.”
Creating a healthy relationship and how its principles can create peace on our planet.

The Hellman Authors are not the first to write a book on how to improve your marriage or other relationship, or how to solve global challenges. What makes this book unique is its premise—backed by their experience—that working on interpersonal and international problems at the same time accelerates progress on both.

We hope that this book will be just the first step in a voyage of discovery for many readers, and we will be working on ways to help make that happen. Please use the contact form below if you have suggestions for helping us do that. Also contact us if you found something in the book particularly relevant or have a life experience you’d like to share, or if you have a question.

Extending what we learned in our marriage to the global level would result in something that, from today’s perspective, would look like world peace, and we are closer to that than the media would have you believe. Working together we can do the seemingly impossible.

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