Co-authors Martin and Dorothie Hellman invite you to eavesdrop as they reveal a new map creating a loving marriage and how its principles can create peace on our planet.

How would you like to never have another fight or argument? And how would you feel if doing that helped bring peace to the world? Join Us by reading our book and subscribing to our newsletter.

Read as we reveal the secrets that allowed us to transform an almost failed marriage into one where we reclaimed the true love that we felt when we first met fifty years ago. Our marriage became a laboratory where we learned how to resolve seemingly unfathomable differences through holistic thinking and compassion.

Working on global issues proved critical to bringing magic back into our marriage, and truly loving personal relationships provide the model for a peaceful, sustainable planet. Through formerly top secret documents, you will see scheming and outright lies get us into one needless war after another. You will also see how the same tools that transformed our marriage—holistic thinking and compassion—can avoid future such catastrophes.

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A New Map for Relationships

The essence of this book is: “You have to believe in the seemingly impossible gifts of unconditional love and a more peaceful planet, and then dedicate yourself to discovering how to achieve them.”

By revealing the mistakes that nearly ruined our marriage as well as the healing process that has us madly in love again, the book provides solid evidence for that belief. The hard-earned lessons from our journey will ease your own.

Former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry praises A New Map for Relationships as “a truly unique book that tells an engaging and persuasive story relating domestic peace to world peace.” He goes on to advise that “this book should be read by married couples seeking peace at home, as well as by diplomats seeking peace in the world.”

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Forgiveness is one of the blessings of life. It can lift the fog of suffering and pain with a sudden shift of understanding or slowly uncover a need to let go.

Forgiveness: In our book, A New Map for Relationships, in the section “Developing Compassion,” I said that, “Once I have compassion for someone who I think has hurt me, forgiveness is automatic. In fact, compassion goes beyond forgiveness. It’s a higher level of making peace with that person, at least within myself. Making my own, internal peace with him frees me from holding a grudge and being a prisoner of my painful memories.” Let’s look a little more deeply into why that is.

More on How You Can Help Prevent a Second Korean War

More on How You Can Help Prevent a Second Korean War

Preventable War. How you can work most effectively in this critically needed effort.

Our last post described how just 600 motivated voters helped get the New START arms control treaty passed in 2010, and asked you to work in a similar way to help prevent a second Korean War. There has been good news in the two weeks since that post. We are writing now to relay that news and provide more details on how you can work most effectively in this critically needed effort.

Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

Welcome back to A New Map for Relationships’ blog. We’ve been quiet for a long time, but here we are … still trying to “create true love at home and peace on the planet” as the subtitle of our book* says. Yesterday, we were talking with some friends who are applying its lessons to their