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When we began work on A New Map our goals and expectations were large. First, provide a path for people, who like us, were eager to resolve relationship issues. Second, use tools taken from relationships that work, to effect change on a global scale. In the book we use anecdotes, stories, snip bits, and significant historical moments to illustrate ways in which all of us can become better companions and citizens.

While we’re immensely proud of the book and believe that it can encourage deeper consideration of personal and global conflicts, it’s just the beginning of the story. This blog will expand upon issues we touch on in the book, and offer step-by-step guides to improving the world and your relationships.

Abstract ideas like becoming more compassionate and large goals like solving the world’s nuclear crisis are attainable. Through almost fifty years of marriage we’ve learned techniques and exercises that can help navigate difficult issues. If you’re struggling with relationships of your own, romantic or otherwise, there are ways to ease tensions through concerted efforts. For us, the first step in repairing our connection was deciding both that we were dedicated to staying together and that we could change if we wanted to. Our biggest “Aha!” moment was recognizing that how you live with someone, love someone, and treat someone is up to you.

The world has a litany of very real, and very large problems. It’s not surprising then, that most people feel helpless when confronted with them. But our actions and thoughts can reach a societal tipping point, and collectively, we can solve significant conflicts. Just as it once seemed absurd that women could vote, or that we could reverse the depletion of the ozone, it’s likely that one-day people will look back with disbelief about current global threats. Again, through this blog, we will provide you with concrete steps for tackling the world’s big problems. From exercises to actions that can start a positive-thinking revolution, this blog is a place for those who are dedicated to producing real change.

For more news about the book, including its impending release date feel free to sign up for our mailing list. If you want to learn more about us, please visit Who We Are” or pay us a visit on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram. You’re also always invited to connect with us here with questions, ideas, or friendly hellos. We look forward to having a long and meaningful conversation with you.

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