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Build community for important benefits

Why build community? Our book, A New Map for Relationships: Creating True Love at Home & Peace on the Planet, encourages readers to become part of a community of like-minded people. Here, we share why we found it important to be part of such a community, especially during the early years of our journey.

We were embarking on a totally new experiment and benefitted from what others on the same path were learning. It helped to get past society’s insistence that we pretend that we never made mistakes or fought. One of our friends who read a draft of A New Map for Relationships told us: “I was so relieved to learn that I wasn’t the only one who made stupid mistakes like that.”

We all make what society calls “stupid mistakes,” but they really are just a part of being human. Learning to see human mistakes in their true light prevents them from snowballing into never-ending fights, and being part of a community that is dedicated to that goal speeds up the process.

We also enjoyed being part of a group of new friends who were developing honest relationships and talking about life the way it really is.

A New Map for Relationships creates that kind of bond with you by revealing many of our “stupid mistakes,” but the communication is necessarily one-way. Connecting in person with people who have that same commitment will be a real help on your journey. Talking about the deeper issues of life feeds the soul.

As you’ll see in A New Map for Relationships, we had an idea about where we wanted our relationship to go, but needed help in figuring how to get there. When we hit roadblocks, it was extremely helpful to have friends stimulate our creative juices and help us move forward. We also developed friends we could call when we needed help with a knotty problem or just wanted a sympathetic ear.

We’ve said that the essence of A New Map for Relationships is: “You have to believe in the seemingly impossible gift of unconditional love and then dedicate yourself to discovering how to achieve it.” Being part of a community that met regularly meant that we needed to think about what we were doing for our relationship and how we would express that at the next meeting. It kept us dedicated to “discovering how to achieve it.”

What we’re calling “dinners for six” is a good way to build that kind of community. As a host, you will open your home once a month to six attendees, and we will provide you with dinner guides to explore the lessons we’ve outlined in A New Map for Relationships. If you’re interested in joining us on this journey send us an email here. If you’d like to attend a dinner send us an email here.

Of course, if you’d rather do a dinner for seven, coffee for eight, or some other variation on the theme, please do!

All major societal changes start with small groups of individuals building communities that question the conventional wisdom – which later is seen as the conventional foolishness. We hope you’ll participate.

Dorothie & Marty Hellman

PS The book is now available on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback. It will be available in a week or two as an e-book, and through other seller channels.

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