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Google Talk – Dorothie and Martin Hellman.

Google, which contributed the million dollars for the ACM Turing Award that Marty and Whit Diffie received last year, hosted us for a talk that is now on YouTube.

It’s too early in the process of eliminating the risk posed by nuclear weapons to achieve concrete results, and the best thing you can do is to enlarge the pool of people who question whether the nuclear emperor is wearing any clothes. Once enough people do that, change will occur almost automatically. So, if you like the video, please share it with friends via Facebook, email, and other social media.

Marty’s last Google talk is approaching 10,000 views (9,996 as we write this), and it would be great if this new one surpassed that mark. (It’s currently at 787.) Thanks for any help you can provide.

We’ll also share a short summary that we’ve come up with: “Your learning to compassionately resolve conflicts will help determine whether civilization survives. And you will be much, much happier to boot.”

Your impact is really that big!

Thanks very much.

Dorothie & Martin Hellman

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