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Preventable War. How you can work most effectively in this critically needed effort.

Our last post described how just 600 motivated voters helped get the New START arms control treaty passed in 2010, and asked you to work in a similar way to help prevent a second Korean War. There has been good news in the two weeks since that post. We are writing now to relay that news and provide more details on how you can work most effectively in this critically needed effort.

Marty sent a copy of his one page summary on North Korea to our Congresswoman, Anna Eshoo, and we just received a copy of a “Dear Colleague” letter that she sent to all 434 other members of the House of Representatives, including that summary.

While it’s very helpful that she sent her “Dear Colleague” letter, most representatives and senators will pay at least as much attention to personalized appeals from their constituents … that’s you! So, if you want to help prevent a second Korean War, here’s what you should do.

Get the Washington, DC phone numbers for your representative and senators.

No War Locate then contact your House Rep No War North Korea Locate then contact your Senator

For example, Marty found Anna’s by searching on Anna Eshoo 202. (The area code for DC is 202.) Call the office and ask which aide works on national security, military, or foreign affairs. Get that person’s email address, send them a short email telling them:

I hope they will support the three bills listed (H.R.4140, S.2016, and S.2047) at the end of Marty’s summary.

Mention that Rep. Anna Eshoo of California’s 18th Congressional District sent a “Dear Colleague” letter to them already, and attach that PDF to your email.

No War_Anna_Eshoo_Letter_Download

The PDF includes Marty’s one page summary, so you don’t have to send it separately. Having you second Anna’s request will really help, especially if you can get several friends from your District to do the same.

We, the citizens of the United States of America can make a difference with our efforts. It is no secret that all voters are concerned for past present and future generations. We want peace, we’ve been loud and clear, it’s time they START actively listening. Isn’t it worth a try?

Concerned voters play a key role in ratification. Act today and send those emails!


Dorothie & Marty

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