Tearing Up the Map:

It is the Fall of 1989 and Dorothie gets so mad at Marty that she rips a map out of his hands and tears it to shreds. What had Marty done to provoke her? How did it end? Watch and find out (7 minutes, re-enactment produced by Celeste Hellman):

The Wisdom of Foolishness:

January 29, 2013: Each year, Stanford’s School of Engineering inducts about five faculty or alumni as “Stanford Engineering Heroes” and invites them to give talks to the School. Marty was honored to be included in the class of 2012 and chose “The Wisdom of Foolishness” as his topic. Total length is 72 minutes, with the Dean’s introduction ending at 0:06:30:

Marty’s Heidelberg Laureate Interview

April 24, 2017: This interview traces Marty’s life from almost being born in a cab, to Dorothie saving his life, to winning the million dollar ACM Turing Award.  The Heidelberg Laureates Forum brings the winners of the top prizes in mathematics and computer science together with young researchers at an annual meeting modeled on the Nobel Laureates’ Lindau meetings (61 minutes):

Soaring, Cryptography, and Nuclear Weapons

May 9, 2009: The next video is another “Google Talk,” this one by Marty alone on “Soaring, Cryptography, and Nuclear Weapons.” What could possible unite those three passions of his? Watch and find out

Google Book Talk

March 27, 2017: Dorothie and Marty gave a “Google Talk” about A New Map for Relationships: Creating True Love at Home & Peace on the Planet (52 minutes):