Who We Are

We married as polar opposites.

Not understanding these differences nearly destroyed our marriage.

Marty loves logic. Dorothie is intuitive and puts more stock in feelings. By learning to honor each other’s perspective, we were able to create a loving space. We recaptured the true love we felt when we first fell for each other. That also led us to fall in love with the world as a whole. We found that the same principles that saved our marriage — compassion and holistic thinking — also will save the earth. Today we have been married for fifty years, we are happy to share the New Map that created true love in our home and that can also create peace on the planet.

Dotothie_Martin Hellman Wedding
Dorothie & Martin Hellman Co-Authors

Martin Hellman

I am a world class fool and proud of it. My research on encryption was originally seen as a fool’s errand, but a colleague and I won the million dollar Turing Award for that work – often regarded as the Nobel Prize in computing.

Following Dorothie down an uncharted path also seemed like a fool’s errand, but proved even more rewarding when we were able to reclaim the true love we felt when we first met– even a million dollars can’t buy true love.

As a professor at Stanford University, I am affiliated with its Center for International Security and Cooperation, where I work on bringing a risk-informed approach to our nation’s nuclear strategy. To do that, I have intensively researched international conflicts that could escalate to nuclear threats. Seven of those conflicts are included as case studies in the book.

Dorothie Hellman

After spending decades following a relationship map that lead me to dead ends I finally had the courage to tear it up and piece together a new map. This new map allowed me to reach the place of love, acceptance and peace where I’d always wanted to be.

To get there, I have spent more than half my life studying anger, fear and grief, as well as joy, love and compassion. Practicing compassion was particularly important in my journey and is the centerpiece of my part of this book.

Marty and I have been together for fifty years and, as you’ll learn from this book, we had to navigate some very rocky patches and fall in love with our planet to recover true love at home.

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